Thursday, December 08, 2005

So here are the first rankings for people's blog incomes. As the list grows we'll be changing the format, but until it is a larger list there is no need. The levels are as follows: Seven Figures/year, Six Figures/year, Five Figures/year, $100/month, and $100 total.

Seven Figures ($83,333+/month):
  • None yet that I know of.
Six Figures ($8,333+/month) :
  • Darren at - in this post Darren reveals that his monthly income from blogging was over $15,849.60 for the month of August. That puts him at around $200,000 a year. Total number of blogs, unknown. Years blogging, unknown.
Five Figures ($833+/month):
  • Nick at - in this post Nick claims to have passed the 5 figure mark although he is mute as to exactly how much in the 5 figures he is. 5 blogs. Years bloging, unknown.


$100 total:

Rules: All amounts are in US dollars. Amounts must be per person (so if two bloggers are jointly bringing in $15,000 then they get credit for $7,500 each; and if one person has ten blogs then their income from all of them counts). Income must be derived from a blog style content site decided at the sole discretion of the owners and opperators of this blog. Extrapolations of high water marks are acceptable, but genuine income is preffered.

If you would like to be included in this listing, put up a post on your site and either send us an email at or put a comment here. Please include your blog name, your name (or pseudonym), how much you brought in in the last month, how many blogs this is from, and how long you have been blogging. Extra points if you break out your income from multiple sources, or over time.
Ever wondered how much people make blogging? I do all the time. All over the internet a number of professional bloggers will periodically post how much they are making, and this blog is dedicated to tracking those posts. While this is not a blog about "how to make money blogging," we will from time to time discuss the strategies used by the more successful bloggers whose rates are tracked by this blog.

This blog is intended to answer and track the following questions:
How much do paid bloggers get per post?
How much does an average blogger get in money from the distinct affiliate programs?
How much do bloggers get from adsense?
Other general information questions

If you would like to join the team, send us an email at